West Molhar

Avandra's Basement

The adventure lost Elros and Arkana in New Dellhollow. Luckily, they met up with Hallo?, Content Not Found: Saladin_ and _Content Not Found: Jiub in The Olde Dragon. Here, they also met Graves again, who thanked them once again for helping him. After which he gave them information about a secret basement under Avandra’s Temple.

The adventurers decided to check it out, and with the help of Hallo?’s 20 minute prayer they managed to find the hidden button in the basement to open the hidden hatch to go even deeper. They returned at night, and Allcor easily opened the lock of the Temple door. Sneaking inside they soon found the secret button again, and managed to open the secret hatch without problems.

Inside, a spiral case wound down to another basement, much larger than where they came from. They ended up in a round room, with 3 halls extending out from them. Hallo? started exploring the halls, and ended up standing on a pressure plate trap, causing a spear to hit him. Not much damage was done, and the trap was easily dealt with.

The traps led them to an iron door. Again, Allcor had no problem opening it. Behind the door a stair went down. Downstairs, the players killed 2 homunculi who were protecting a box. In the box they found a Rod of Corruption and an empty basket that smelled like freshly baked bread.

Tracking their way back, they decided to take a different side road. They ran into a swarm of rats, a few huge rats, and some spikey rats. Content Not Found: Saladin tried to burn them all with one simple hand gesture, but he failed miserably. Luckily, even without his burning hands, they still managed to get rid of the rats.

Defending the Old Man
Graves Dellhollow Goblins

The day started of well enough. It was a nice fall day, albeit slightly cloudy. The adventure group was on its way towards New Dellhollow, and were only a few hours walk away before they met an old man man on a donkey. The old man happened to be on the same route to New Dellhollow.

They decided to accompany the old man towards New Dellhollow, to protect him from possible dangers. The road they were on was the north-west road, an infrequently traveled path. Leafs covered the tracks. After about one or an half hour Elros noticed a strange pattern of the leafs ahead of them. It seemed that they were clustered too much together.

Carefully, he prodded the leaves with a stick he got off the ground. WOOSH, a net flew up, only capturing the stick in Elros’s hand. As it went up, a bell went of. This alerted the adventurers, and they stood at a ready.

Not long after, four small goblins jumped out of the bush. Arkana immediately turned one into dust, and another was quickly killed off. At this time three bigger goblins jumped out of the forrest. Two of them were brandishing javelins, while one was holding a black sword.

This could have ended very badly, had the goblins not been drinking for the last few hours. Spears flew everywhere except for where they were intended, and after being bloodied and scared away, one of the goblins ran into one of their own traps. The only person who to be having more difficulty taking an aim than the drunk goblins was Dr. Acula. Luckily he did manage to heal Graves after one of the goblins almost killed him.

The adventurers found 35 gold and a note in the pocket of the goblin with the black sword. The note read ?. Graves also rewarded the adventurers with 5 gold after they found back his donkey in the woods.

After investigating the cave close to where the donkey was found for a short while, the players decided to head for New Dellhollow, where they safely arrived.


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