New Dellhollow

New Dellhollow is a growing town centrally located in West Molhar. It is built in the middle of a forrest. Travellers going from the big city Dagonfel to the capital Merlots Keep will often take the Old Glory road which comes in to New Dellhollow from the south and continues to the capital to the North East. South east from New Dellhollow is Seaport at the sea. Due to its central location New Dellhollow lives mostly of trade, which is seen back in its huge market square.

New Dellhollow is built on the old location of Dellhollow. Although the general location was known, it took a long time to find the exact location of the old traders city. No one knows how the old town was destroyed, as there are barely any records of it. If it hadden’t been for the foundation of the temple to Avandra, the god of trade, the town might never have been rebuilt in the same place.


The Olde Dragon – Tavern

New Dellhollow

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